Congratulations on the establishment of Shaoxing Jinsen Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. website

Congratulations on the establishment of Shaoxing Jinsen Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. website!

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Common problems and solutions of flannel: make your flannel products last longer

Flannel is a soft and fluffy fabric that is often used to make clothing, household items, toys, etc. However, flannel often encounters some problems during use, such as pilling, fading,

Warp knitted fabric daily maintenance knowledge makes the fabric more durable and bright

Warp knitted fabric is a common type of fabric, and consumers love it for its softness, comfort, and rich colors. In order to extend the life of warp knitted fabrics, maintain their bright appearance and pleasant touch, proper daily maintenance is very important. This article will introduce you to the daily maintenance knowledge of several warp knitted fabrics.

Mesh cloth classification and its application areas

Mesh cloth is a cloth made of fine yarn intertwined, which is characterized by a mesh structure and good air permeability. According to different materials and uses, mesh cloth can be divided into various categories. This article will introduce several common mesh fabric classifications and their application areas.

What are the types of dyes used for yarn dyeing?

What are the types of dyes for cotton yarn dyeing? Acid dyes, mostly suitable for protein fibers and polyester chemical fibers and silk fabrics. Its basic characteristics are bright color, but the color fastness to water cleaning is weak

The origin of textiles?

Textile originally meant to be derived from the collective name of spinning and loom, but with the rapid development and improvement of textile knowledge structure and course management system

Happy New Year to you all!

Spring send hi, wish you happy often accompanied by peace, want to be together, often get your wish, money in the side, more happy days, happy more perfect, harmony in the year of the pig, everything